Crowdfunding. New era

Crowdfunding. New era

The history of the Internet has a long story and if you have interest, you can find it on Wikipedia

But lets speak what have changed now, in 2021. In Europe now in power regulation (EU) 2020/1503.

And this is good case when regulation helps everyone involved into this market- service providers, investors and start ups.

In my opinion this regulation is fair enough bureaucratic but still will be a good shield for all involved parties.

Of course, it is not an ideal regulation and we will see soon that different governments will implement regulation in different ways according to their own understanding of requirements, but its positive impact is much higher.

I have a subjective feeling now that crowdfunding in EU from grey market is going to white one. We will only imagine economical impact which will be provided to economic in EU but no doubts, this instrument will help talented entrepreneurs to develop their own “European Google”, or “Tesla”, or “BioNTech” and may help not to sell it outside of Europe but to continue the growing of European economic.

However, this new era in 2021 begins also personally for us, Vitofund. We trust our experience and our investments will help many start ups to develop their own Unicorn. We’ll do our best and Good Luck for all of us!